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Fintegic Investments brings you ecofriendly sustainable solution to reduce the carbon foot print of your resort. If you want to refurbish the bathroom or make it sustainable, you can opt for ecological bathroom accessories that’s good for the environment, which emphasize decorative features.

A further step in the direction of sustainability could now be to make the bathroom plastic-free.Shower gel, shampoo and soaps for body care products in ceramic Dispensers which can always be refilled.

An ecological bath in an individual style does not need to be elaborate. Often, a few accessories are enough to turn a dreary wet room into a small, fine wellness oasis. All our products are simple or colorful, minimalistic or exclusive – which style ever is preferred in the bathroom, various designs can be combined according to personal taste. Sets of toothbrush cups, soap dispensers, cosmetic bins and storage boxes transform the bathroom into a cozy and stylish safe haven. In addition to eco design, sustainability criteria such as recyclable,vegan, durable and regional production help to make the right choice.